Over 400 Approved Testing Methods


P3T Lab currently offers over 400 approved test methods for products used across a wide range of industry applications. We continually add new tests as required by both industry demand and technology advancements. Here are some examples of testing applications for our primary industry sectors.

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Our testing facilities are capable of verifying the physical properties of a wide range of materials. We invite you to contact our lab to confirm that we can meet your specific requirements. We take pride in offering professional and personal service to all inquiries.

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Automotive Materials Testing


Materials Testing

Polyurethanes are used throughout contemporary vehicles. In addition to the foam that makes car seats comfortable, bumpers, interior “headline” ceiling sections, the car body, spoilers, doors and windows all use polyurethanes. Polyurethane also enables manufacturers to provide drivers and passengers significantly more automobile “mileage” by reducing weight and increasing fuel economy, comfort, corrosion resistance, insulation and sound absorption.

Consumer Products Materials Testing

Consumer Products

Materials Testing

Materials used in consumer products today require strict and thorough testing to ensure their reliability and safety for consumer use. P3T Lab conducts both destructive and non-destructive testing for materials used in a wide range of consumer product applications.

Health Care Materials Testing

Health Care

Materials Testing

Both closed-cell and open-cell foams are used in a variety of medical applications. Medical components, device packaging, and orthopedic soft components are examples of closed-cell materials P3T Lab tests. Open-cell foams include specialty sponges, medical filters, medical grade foam testing.

Heavy Construction Material Testing

Heavy Construction

Materials Testing

Today’s residential and non-residential buildings use high-performance materials that are durable, strong, and lightweight. In floors, flexible foam padding cushions carpets. Walls and roof insulate and provide air barriers, reducing energy consumption. Polyurethane building materials add design flexibility to new homes and remodelling projects.

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The friendly team at P3T Lab is great to work with. They always provide professional and timely service for all of our testing requirements

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P3T has consistently provided Honeywell with timely, accurate, comprehensive results in a format and scope that was as requested and expected.

Joanna MinionHoneywell

Dennis Payne and Marcela Rusan de Priamus at the P3TLab are extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond during the project quoting and follow up process. Their turn-around time is exceptional which helps Armacell respond back to our customers quickly.

Isabel WrightArmacell LLC