P3T Lab provides specific polyurethane foam testing services for a full range of industry applications. We have  the unique capability of load testing foams when subjected to very high and very low temperatures (Flexural Load or Compressive Load). For these tests, a programmable test oven with a capable range from -80°C to +300°C gradually increases or decreases the temperature at a constant rate.

Certain types of foams can temporarily lose some of their compressive resistance, and in turn lose some of their energy absorption capacity, when subjected to high temperatures. Similarly, when these foams are subjected to low temperatures they become stiffer and gain energy capacity.

P3T Lab has the capability of measuring compressive strength of foam grades at a certain deflection value while varying the temperature. One test measures the 60% compression deflection as a function of temperature from -30°C  to +70°C.

Dimensional Stability of Foams at Elevated Temperature with Compressive Load (DIN 53 424)

In one test example, the dimensional stability at elevated temperature with compressive load tests the ability of the cellular material to retain its shape up to a defined temperature under a defined static compressive load. As defined in DIN 53 424 it is characterized by the temperature at which the test specimen, heated uniformly with increasing temperature, is deformed under load by a specified amount.

The specimen size used is approximately 40 x 40 mm area by 20 mm in thickness.

A Zwick Universal Testing Machine with a compressive load cell is used to apply and hold a compressive load of approximately 40 N. A programmable test oven is used on the Zwick machine to heat the specimen so that the temperature is increased uniformly by 50°C per hour, starting from ambient (23°C). The temperature at which the 40 N load has descended 2 mm is noted as the dimensional stability at elevated temperature. The heating oven and upper and lower plates are cooled to ambient temperature before a new specimen is tested.

P3T Lab is constantly expanding our capabilities in foam testing. By responding quickly to the changing requirements of our clients, we set ourselves apart from other testing labs.

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test under heat

Dimensional Stability Test – Specimen during Test under Heat.

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